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Most elderly people would prefer to stay at home, with factors such as safety and low energy contributing to this preference. Our loved ones understandably want to remain in their comfort zone, which is our home. However, as seniors age, conditions they generally experience eventually make it hard for them to live at home. Cognitive and mobility issues, for instance, would make it unsafe for them to stay at home, especially when there are long hours of them being alone.

Senior Living Selections’ live-in home care support will help you overcome the burden of caring for your elderly while you are away or not at home. Be assured of their safety and well-being by letting our partner facilities’ care professionals accompany them at the convenience of your home.

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What Is In-Home Care?

Live-in home care service is a term for providing extensive care to the elderly inside your home. It is usually nonmedical and involves custodial care and assistance in activities of daily living (ADLs). The primary responsibility of the care professional is to help your loved one eat, take a bath, move, and more. The program is also focused on providing much-needed company and socialization for your aging family member. Live-in home care is divided into personal care assistance, companion care services, and home health care.

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How Much Is Live-in Home Care Service in Florida?

As stated in Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey, home health aide services in Florida cost an average of $23.75 per hour and a monthly average of $4,528. Prices vary between cities, but according to the survey, Naples, Florida, has the most expensive live-in home care service with an estimated monthly cost of $5,577. Compared to other senior care services, live-in home care is not the most affordable assistance in Florida. However, it will let you spend more time with your senior loved one while allowing them to be comfortable and receive proper live-in home care within your home.

Signs It’s Time for Live-in Home Care in Florida

Admitting it’s time to seek assistance has always been difficult for the elderly. However, accepting the situation is key to living a healthier and more fulfilling life at home. Below, you’ll find some of the telling signs it’s time to call a professional caregiver.

These are strong implications that your household may greatly benefit from hiring a live-in home caregiver. So, if you or your aging family member is displaying one or more of these signs, you can consider live-in home care for your comfort and convenience.

Live- In Home Care Advisors in Venice, Florida, and the Nearby Communities

Your chosen live-in home care provider will work closely with your loved one inside your home. Therefore, it’s vital to look for a trustworthy caregiver. At Senior Living Selections, we can help you find a reliable live-in home care service that will look after your senior and provide care according to their specific needs. Our local advisors will work with you in selecting the best live-in home caregiver in Venice, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Live-In Home Care in Florida

For most families, moving their aging family member to a residential senior care facility is not an option. Fortunately, there’s an excellent solution that allows their elderly loved one to stay at home while receiving the proper care they need. If you’re a senior, here are some of the benefits you could get from a live-in home care service in Florida.
Fewer Accidents

The caregiver helps prevent slips, falls, and other safety concerns at home, reducing your chances of hospital readmission during recovery.

At-Home Physical Therapy

You don’t need to visit a rehabilitation facility for your physical or occupational therapy as there are at-home therapy services available for you.

Increased Comfortability

You don’t have to feel stressed while adjusting to a new environment because you’ll stay in the comfort of your home with your loved ones.

Customized Care

A home care plan is specifically designed for your condition and your family’s needs, regardless of whether you need full-time care or not.

Lower Costs

Most in-home care services charge hourly, making your out-of-pocket expenses more flexible. They are also significantly cheaper than nursing home care.

Pet-Friendly Environment

Staying at home means you don’t have to say goodbye to your pets. Pet companionship has been proven beneficial for seniors with dementia and depression.

Take the first step with us today, and get nothing but the best Live-In home care in Florida.

Senior Living Selections cares for your loved ones as much as you do, and this shows in how we treat every family who has reached out to us for advice. Contact one of our local advisors to discuss your needs and preferences, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Types of Independent Living Facilities and Retirement Homes in Florida

Independent living facilities come in different types that vary in cost, amenities, and services. While the following terms may be interchanged by many, you’ll discover the difference between them.
  • Personal Care

    Bathing, dressing, preparing meals, medication reminders, blood pressure monitoring

  • Health Care

    Physical and occupational therapy, home health visit, hospice care

  • Household Maintenance

    Laundry, grocery, gardening, housekeeping, usual errands

  • Transportation Arrangements

    Senior transportation services, rideshare apps, discounted taxi fares

  • Day Care Programs

    social activities, specialized programs for the early stages of Alzheimer’s

  • Home Modifications

    Grab bars in the shower, ramps around the house to minimize stairs usage


Senior Living Services in Florida

Senior Living Selections offers assistance to those who need help in choosing the best senior care facility for themselves or their loved ones. We provide unbiased and objective information about every facility for your security and convenience.

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