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With over 600 licensed senior living communities in the Suncoast area, Senior Living Selections helps bridge the gap between you and the personal care conditions suitable for you or your loved ones.
Assisted living in Venice provide supervision or assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), coordination of services by outside health care providers, and monitoring of residents’ activities to help ensure their health, safety, and wellbeing. Assistance may include administering or supervising medication or providing certain personal care services by trained staff.

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Senior Living Selections’ advisors can help you find the most suitable assisted living in Venice that will give you the highest level of attention and healthcare. Accommodations and options may vary significantly from one senior living community to the next (e.g., private rooms, private baths, kitchenettes, etc.), so it is imperative to work with an advisor who can help you locate the facility that fits your personal needs and preferences.

What Is Assisted Living?

So, what is assisted living? it is a type of senior care designed for the elderly who require personal care assistance in their daily living activities, including eating, taking medications, grooming, going to the bathroom, and housekeeping. Assisted living facilities (ALFs) usually have a home-like setting and staff members who are present 24/7 to ensure the health and overall wellbeing of the residents.

It is commonly mistaken as nursing home care, where residents require round-the-clock care from trained medical personnel. However, the level of care in nursing homes is far different from senior living facilities. While ALFs have highly trained staff to care for their residents, they don’t have the same skills and knowledge as specially trained medical professionals.

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How Much Is Assisted Living in Venice?

According to Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey, the average monthly cost for personal care facilities in Florida in 2021 was $4,000. However, prices may vary significantly within a state, so it’s best to check for detailed information from each community you are considering. For example, some facilities offer all-inclusive monthly fees while others don’t, which affects the total billing you’ll have to pay.

It can be challenging to find assisted living in venice that matches your needs and financial capabilities. Fortunately, our Senior Living Selections’ advisors can make it easier for you so that you don’t have to stress yourself looking for the best senior community or facility for senior living in Florida, Venice, and nearby areas.

Telling Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living in Venice

Putting ourselves or our senior loved one in an assisted living in Florida is a difficult choice most of us have to make. So, to help you decide, we have listed some of the most common indications it’s best to reside in an ALF.

If you notice these signs, it would be best to consider transitioning to senior living in Venice. Our experts at Senior Living Selections can help you with the entire process, from assessing your situation to picking the best facility for your specific needs and preferences.

Assisted Living Advisors in Venice, Florida and Nearby Areas

Senior Living Selections provides dependable advice for families and individuals who require assistance in determining the best senior living in Florida, Venice,  and nearby communities. There are around 20 personal care home facilities within the area, while over 160 are near the city. If you’re thinking of transitioning yourself or your loved one to a personal home community, we’ll make the process much easier by helping you in all aspects of your journey.

Benefits of Assisted Living in Florida

Your and your family’s lives may be greatly affected by the transition to senior living in Venice. You may feel overwhelmed, scared, and intimidated, but it’s also a new beginning for you. Below are some of the main benefits you can enjoy with our personal care.

24/7 Professional Assistance

Trained staff is ready around the clock to provide you with assistance for your specific needs.

Accessible Transportation

Access to safe transportation will not be a problem, whether you need to go to the doctor or visit a store you like.

Healthy and Delicious Meals

You can enjoy three nutritious full meals a day in a group dining setting to keep your health at its best.

Daily Social Interactions

A senior living environment promotes socialization with other residents to help you avoid loneliness, depression, and other health issues.

Fun and Relaxing Activities

Fun activities are scheduled frequently to reduce your stress and anxiety, as well as to improve your mobility, memory, and more.

Peace of Mind

Your families and friends can rest assured knowing you are being taken care of in a safe and supportive environment.

Do you need help in making a choice? We’re here for you.

Senior Living Selections is always ready to assist you with your personal care concerns. For more information about assisted living in Venice, let our senior care advisors guide you.


Assisted living communities’ amenities allow seniors to enjoy a better quality of life and independence. From providing assistance with daily activities to numerous social opportunities, personal care home facilities in Venice, Florida, and the surrounding areas can offer a better lifestyle for you or your loved one.

Senior Living Services in Florida

Senior Living Selections offers assistance to those who need help in choosing the best assisted living facility nearby for themselves or their loved ones. We provide unbiased and objective information about every facility for your security and convenience.

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