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Senior Assisted Living in Largo, Florida

Largo, Florida, has over 70 assisted living facilities within and nearby. If you’re looking for an affordable community that can provide for your needs, it can be overwhelming to go through every assisted living you see in directories. Our local senior living advisors can narrow down your options by considering essential factors like health, lifestyle, personal needs and requests, and budget.

Once we have successfully determined your specific situation, we’ll prepare a list of communities for assisted living in Largo for you to choose from. We’ll also arrange personal tours to let you experience the actual environment before deciding. Senior Living Selections values your time and effort. That’s why we have gathered valuable information below to help you get a better understanding of assisted living in Largo and help you pick the right facility for you or your loved one.

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Other Senior Living Services in Largo

The process of finding the best senior housing or senior care service for your loved one can be challenging, especially if your needs do not align with your available budget. At Senior Living Selections, we’ll guide you in every step until you determine the best choice for your aging loved one. But first, you should understand the different available assisted living in Largo, FL. For instance, if your aging family member has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and need frequent medical supervision, they will likely be better monitored in a nursing home facility, although you also have an option to get in-home care that’s solely focused on medical care.

But if you have a senior loved one who’s healthy, active, mobile, and lives alone, they may consider moving into an independent living facility. Senior Living Selections offers several types of options for assisted living in Largo, including respite and adult day care, in-home care, nursing home, and independent living. We know how stressful and exhausting the whole transition to senior living can be, so we lend you our hand to make your experience easier for you and your loved ones.


Independent Living

Respite and Adult Day Care

In-Home Care

Nursing Home

FACILITIES for Assisted Living in Largo

Seniors residing in assisted living communities generally live as they like while receiving help in specific activities of daily living. Most residents can still do the hobbies and activities they enjoy, helping them improve their sense of freedom and individuality. But even though communities of assisted living in Largo offer different facilities, they may share one or more common features, and some of these are as follows:

AMENITIES for Assisted Living in Largo

The transition is never easy for senior residents, especially if they are still in the process of accepting their condition. Fortunately, amenities are provided to make the adjustment phase easier for them. These features widely vary from one community to another, but they are all designed to improve residents’ quality of life and give comfort. In Largo, you will discover assisted living communities that offer different amenities, including the following:

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get advice from local EXPERTS of assisted living in Largo.

Senior Living Selections offers senior care advice for seniors and families without any cost. We care for you as we care for our families. That’s why we help everyone who reaches out to us the best way we can. Get in touch with our local advisors to learn more about assisted living in Largo.

Financial Assistance for Assisted Living in Largo, FL

Assisted living rates in Largo vary due to several factors, including the location, facility size, amenities, and care provided. But according to Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey, the average monthly cost of assisted living in Florida is $4,000. Considering the provided data, you’ll likely encounter rates between $3,000 to $5,000 in Largo. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to pay for assisted living in the long run without any financial assistance. Fortunately, there are statewide government initiatives and other programs to help seniors and their families with assisted living costs in Florida. 

To learn more about these programs, as well as other ways to pay for assisted living, visit our Assisted Living in Florida page.

These financial assistance programs are as follows:

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Senior Care Entertainment and Recreation in Largo

Largo, Florida, is the third-largest city in Pinellas County. It offers numerous historical and natural attractions, as well as recreational activities like boating, snorkeling, and fishing. If you want to connect with nature, you should go to George C. McGough Nature Park, John R. Bonner Nature Park, and Largo Central Park.

You’ll find rare species of wildlife and plants while biking, hiking, or simply strolling. You should also not miss Florida Botanical Gardens, where you will discover several attractions in one place, such as the Heritage Village, Creative Pinellas, Butterfly Garden, and more. The entrance and parking lot of this place are both wheelchair accessible.

Largo’s recreational activities are great for families, providing opportunities to learn many things about the area’s history and culture while having fun. You will also find good food and vintage items within the city. So if you’re trying to avoid the hustle and bustle of Miami, Orlando, and other tourist hotspots in Florida, Largo may be one of the best places to visit or retire in.

Assisted Living Facilities Near Me

Senior Living Selections has networks in different areas in Florida for anyone who needs assistance finding the assisted living facility that fits their budget and needs. Aside from Largo, here are other cities in Florida where we have proven safe and genuinely compassionate communities for you or your aging loved one.