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In-Home Care in Sarasota, Florida

Many seniors prefer to age in the comfort of their homes. However, as they age, they might require assistance or support their family members cannot provide. With in-home care services, you can allow your aging loved ones to stay at home while providing them with the help they need. Caregivers can help with cooking, housekeeping, transportation, non-complex medical care, and other needs seniors might require. It’s the best solution for seniors who are not ready or simply don’t consider moving into a senior care facility. At Senior Living Selections, we have a vast network of in-home care providers in Sarasota. Our senior care advisors will assess the needs and preferences of your aging loved one to properly recommend caregivers that we think are fit for their needs. We will walk you through the entire process, making sure you grasp every little detail about in-home care. We’ve created this short guide for you to better understand in-home care in Sarasota.
Other Senior Care Services in Sarasota
In-home care gives seniors the opportunity to age in their own homes. However, it’s not always the best option, considering their condition and needs. That’s why it’s important for you to understand the differences between senior care services available to you. For example, if your aging loved one requires medical assistance 24/7 due to terminal illness or other chronic conditions, it’s better for them to stay in a nursing home. However, if they are generally healthy but want to live independently without shouldering the tasks of home-owning, independent living facilities are excellent for them. If you’re undecided or need help finding the right senior care facility for your senior loved one, our local senior care advisors in Sarasota can help. Aside from providing in-home care assistance, we also help individuals and families find the right assisted living, independent living, memory care, nursing home, respite and adult day care facilities in Sarasota. Feel free to contact one of our senior care advisors for further assistance.


In-Home Care Services in Sarasota

Basic in-home care services include personal care assistance to help seniors with daily living activities. Caregivers who provide basic home care services are usually there to give companionship to seniors, from assisting them with mobility to performing house tasks, such as cooking and cleaning. Seniors require different types of care, so caregivers usually tailor their care to every individual’s needs. Some of these health care services include:

In-Home Health Care Services in Sarasota

In-home health care services are different from basic in-home care services. Caregivers who provide this type of care are specifically trained to deliver skilled medical care than personal caregivers. These services are usually provided to seniors who require additional medical assistance in their homes after surgery or due to a chronic condition. Caregivers who provide this type of care are usually licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and other trained healthcare professionals. Some of these services may include the following:

Make New Memories in Your Golden Years with Independent Living in Sarasota

Senior Living Selections has been consistent in providing no-cost assistance to individuals and families looking for independent living communities in Sarasota since 2018. We have a wide network of communities we can recommend to you based on your loved one’s needs and preferences. We also have a team of local senior care advisors who can help you through the entire process of moving into your chosen community—from finding the best residence to processing paperwork and other tedious work required for the transition. For further assistance, feel free to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with us today!

Financial Assistance for In-Home Care in Sarasota

According to Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Survey, the monthly median cost of homemaker services or basic in-home care services and home health aide or in-home health care services is $5,720. The cost is significantly more expensive than paying for assisted living facilities, making it harder for families to cover its cost. Fortunately, there are several financial assistance programs you can apply for to help cover the cost of in-home care services.

These programs include the following:


  • Life Insurance
  • Reverse Mortgage Loans

Frequently Asked Questions about In-Home Care

Sarasota, Florida, located in the south of Tampa Bay, is filled with beautiful beaches, lively arts, and booming business centers. It is also one of the prominent cities in Florida where seniors from different places spend their retirement. You will find many local attractions, such as the most-sought Siesta Key Beach, the famous Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, and Florida’s state art museum, the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.

What is the main difference between assisted living and independent living?
The main difference between assisted living and independent living is that residents in assisted living communities require help with their daily activities, while those in independent living communities do not. Assisted living residents usually have specific health conditions that require them to seek assistance in performing specific daily living activities, while independent living residents are generally healthy and active.
How do I know if my aging loved one is a good candidate for an independent living community?
If your loved one is able to live independently and does not require any assistance with their daily activities but wants to live without the burden of owning a home, then they might be a good candidate for an independent living community.
How do I know that my loved one is safe in an independent living community?
Most independent living communities have security features in place to ensure the safety of their residents. These features may include alarms, cameras, and security guards.
What would happen if there’s an emergency?
In case of an emergency, most independent living communities have staff members who are trained to handle such situations. They also have a network of hospitals and other medical facilities that they can call for help.
Do they provide transportation options?
Yes, most independent living communities provide transportation options for their residents. These options may include shuttle services and van services. Other communities are also close to public transit, making it more convenient for residents.
Can senior couples live together in an independent living facility?
Yes, senior couples can live together in an independent living facility. In fact, many independent living communities offer floor plans that are specifically designed for couples.

Independent Living Near Me

Senior Living Selections extends its senior care assistance across Florida. If you’re outside Sarasota, we still cover nine cities in the state to help individuals and families find the best independent living community for their aging loved ones.