National Assisted Living Week 2022

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Did you know that more than 800,000 Americans are in assisted living facilities? National Assisted Living Week 2022 is an annual celebration that honors the seniors who reside in assisted living communities and recognizes the staff who provide them with quality care. This week-long event aims to increase awareness and appreciation for the vital role that assisted living communities play in enhancing the lives of older adults.

Many families, especially those who are having trouble providing care for their aging parents, consider assisted living as the help they exactly need. This facility offers social interaction, a productive lifestyle, safety, and support for seniors who may require daily care, but still want to live actively and independently.

Sending your elderly loved ones to a facility that can provide special assistance beyond what you can offer may seem a difficult choice to make. To understand how moving your elderly to assisted living could help them live happier and healthier, take into account these benefits.


In celebration of National Assisted Living Week 2022, now may be a good time to weigh all the benefits of placing your elderly in a retirement home.

Personalized Care

One of the main advantages of assisted living is that your elderly parent will receive individualized care. The retirement community provides care for residents based on their needs, especially those recuperating from surgery and requiring medical treatment. Residents receive support with their daily tasks, which makes them feel more at ease.

Safety and Security

If you are unable to provide 24-hour care for an elderly family member, you must know how difficult it can be for them to be at home by themselves, regardless. The safety and security that comes from knowing that your loved one is being cared for is one great reason to rely on assisted living facilities. Seniors who require memory care and supervision especially benefit from this as they will be protected against break-ins and prevented from wandering off.

Hands-on Support

Residents in retirement homes receive one-on-one assistance for their daily needs. The staff provides housekeeping assistance and manages their medical prescriptions. The extent of help is determined by each resident’s needs; your loved one may receive support in bathing, dressing, maintaining hygiene, and much more.

Socialization and Activities

Loneliness and depression become a reality for many seniors, especially when their movement is limited. Thankfully, assisted living facilities to provide various social engagement and outdoor activities to keep the elderly lively and driven. They can participate in game nights, fitness classes, picnics, and more, depending on their interests and hobbies.

Access to Healthcare

Older adults who require round-the-clock medical care can benefit greatly from assisted living. Your aging loved one will easily get access to medical professionals who are well-trained and experienced in handling medicine, rehabilitation, and minor injuries. The best part is that they don’t have to leave the facility to get medical attention.


Assisted living offers all the services seniors need, though there are those who don’t want to rely on others to help them in some of their activities. Some communities provide enjoyable on-site activities for elders to lead fulfilling lives and allow those who like to do their regular chores, errands, transportation, or meetings by themselves to keep their sense of independence.

Home-Like Settings

Older adults can still get to keep their privacy in an assisted living setting. It provides a cozy home-like space where seniors can still enjoy the comforts of a home. In addition, these facilities also provide outdoor spaces, exercise areas, cafes, and other amenities they can enjoy.

Spare Time

Elderly people who live in assisted living homes don’t have to worry about taking on various responsibilities, like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. They can take advantage of their free time to take up new interests and get to know other residents.

Meals and Nutrition Needs

Some people in their advanced age require a diet that should fulfill their daily nutrition needs, and their meals require thorough preparation in order for them to receive enough nutrition. Assisted living facilities have skilled cooks who can prepare delicious and nutrient-rich meals for them. Some facilities also have communal spaces where they can eat and interact with other residents.

Peace of Mind for Family Members

Another great benefit of assisted living is the assurance for families that their elderly are secure, living comfortably, and well taken care of in their new home, provided with everything they need from medication to running errands.

National assisted living week 2022


National Assisted Living Week is a time for residents, staff, families, and communities to come together to celebrate and honor the individuals living in assisted living communities. The rules and laws governing assisted living institutions are not federally regulated. Each state establishes definitions and regulations for this type of elderly care, which have an impact at the state level. While some states use phrases like residential care facilities or personal care homes, the majority are leaning toward identifying theirs as assisted living facilities.

Assisted living provides care for seniors, offering a wide range of care services. It’s also important to note that some certified facilities may look after residents other than the elderly, such as people who are mentally challenged or have special needs.


The baby boomer generation is reaching retirement age, and they will eventually need an extra amount of care. You may initially feel frightened, overwhelmed, or doubtful about sending your elderly loved ones to assisted living or memory care, but their advantages will help you and they look forward to a wonderful new chapter in life.

As we celebrate National Assisted Living Week 2022, you should consider the level of comfort your aging seniors will get in assisted living. You may also contact us if you’d like to seek insight from one of our professional senior care advisors.

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