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Largo, popularly known as The City of Progress, is the third-largest city in Pinellas County, Florida. It is a significant tourist destination, with thousands of visitors coming from around the globe to see its famed attractions. The Florida Botanical Gardens, Pinellas County Heritage Village, Sand Key Park, Highland Family Aquatic Center, and Clearwater Beach are all worth visiting in Largo. The city’s economy is mainly reliant on visitors, and tourism has become the backbone of Largo’s many sectors.

Largo is not only home to world-class parks, cultural institutions, and local antique shops, but a variety of indoor diversions as well. After a long day, you can also relax at John S. Taylor Park or enjoy a round of golf with pals at East Bay Golf Club.

The following are some of the other great places to visit in Largo, Florida:


This award-winning theatre has been presenting live performances in the Tampa Bay area since 1982. It entertains audiences year-round by bringing Broadway, off-Broadway, and original shows to the stage. The theater has grown through the performers’ brilliance and the support and enormous contribution of the participants and audiences. On a rainy day, go to the Eight O’Clock Theatre to see a live musical performance.


The Florida Botanical Gardens, sometimes known as Largo’s urban oasis, is located in Pinellas County. Spanning 30 acres, it has a range of natural habitats, children’s playgrounds, and educational pathways. Tourists can meander through the park at their leisure, passing by Florida’s indigenous as well as uncommon and odd exotics and garden plants. The Florida Botanical Gardens, which is surrounded by flora, fauna, and natural resources, also hosts various educational programs that inspire, educate, and encourage ecologically responsible approaches.


Situated in Largo’s Pinewood Cultural Park, Pinellas County Heritage Village features conserved structures from the mid-19th and early-20th century. Tourists can explore the 30 surviving facilities, including a church, train station, schools, the coachman’s log cabin, and a few old dwellings on more than 20 acres of land. Learn about the history of the area, witness live re-enactments, and peruse the library’s collection of books.


Plan a day trip with your kids to Central Park, where they may ride the Largo Central Railroad’s miniature train around the mile-long loop. Admire the beautiful environment, go through the creepy tunnel, and take photos of the waterfall pond. Check out the special equipment, which includes steam engines and sleek diesel engines, as well as meticulously constructed cars, and learn about the history of railroads at the park.


Largo Central Park is believed to be one of the best in Largo, with rolling grounds, fountains, and a distinctive clock tower. This 70-acre park in the middle of Largo has a community center, playgrounds, and a military court of honor. Visitors can also burn calories at the Fit Zone fitness area, similar to a regular gym.

Plan a family outing to this park, where you may have a small picnic or relax in the natural setting. If you’re traveling with a differently-abled family member, you can stop by the Rainbow Rotary Playground, which is one of the few Bay Area playgrounds that are entirely accessible to people with disabilities.



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