About Senior Living Selections

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Senior Living Selections consists of local senior care advisors in Venice who assist families and individuals in finding the best assisted living facility for their specific needs at no cost. We personally meet with our clients, assess their conditions and particular needs, and find the most suitable communities for them to choose from. You can rest assured knowing that our local advisors have personally visited the facilities they recommend to ensure the safety of seniors in need of professional care.

We work closely with our clients to guarantee them the best transitional experience and help them enjoy the highest quality of assisted living facility that’s full of care, comfort, and fun.

Assisted Living Facility Guidance

Senior Living Selections offers local senior advice with complete information and unbiased opinions to help you come up with the best decision. So whether you don’t know the proper care for you or your loved one, or you’re having difficulties getting started, we have your back.

Assisted living

A residential community with a home-like setting that provides seniors with professional care and assistance for daily living activities while allowing them to build new friendships and memories.
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Memory Care

A safe and uniquely designed environment that improves the quality of life and reduces confusion for elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory loss.
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Independent Living

A social environment where seniors can enjoy their retirement with minimal assistance, living comfortably and conveniently with access to various amenities and facilities.
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Respite/Adult Day Care

A non-residential assisted living facility where a professional staff member supervises seniors during the daytime, assists with their daily living needs, and plans social activities for them to enjoy.
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In-Home Care

Companionship and usually non-medical assistance for seniors who live independently at home but require help with activities of daily living from trained professionals.
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Nursing Homes

An assisted living facility that provides short- or long-term care for seniors with health conditions requiring 24-hour care and supervision from medically trained professionals.
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Our Seamless Assisted Living Facility Process

At no cost, we will assist you from the very beginning until you determine your new home. Our trusted and proven process has helped many seniors and their families find the best assisted living facility that fits their needs. Take a look at how our simple process works.

First, we identify your crucial care requirements, your family's wishes, your budget, and other preferences to evaluate the appropriate recommendations.


Next, we assess your specific needs using a checklist to narrow the search to only the best options for you and provide detailed information on these facilities.


Once your preferred assisted living facility is established, we arrange a personal tour and accompany you to ensure all your questions and concerns are clearly addressed.


With our vast network of resources and professionals in healthcare, finance, legal services, travel, and more, we provide solutions for every challenge you encounter.


We assist with the forms, moving companies, elder law attorneys, and estate planners, so you can keep your focus where it’s needed during this stressful time.


We make sure to follow up on your situation, condition, and experiences in your new environment. We can also provide ongoing wellness check-ups upon request.

We make assisted living in Venice easy for you and your loved ones

Senior Living Selections has been helping numerous seniors in Venice find their forever homes. And we want to make senior living easy, peaceful, and enjoyable for you, too. Let us help you find the right assisted living facility for you today!


At Senior Living Selections, your comfort is our priority. Without cost, our team strives to help every senior find the highest standard of senior care possible, ensuring you live the best life on your new journey.


Our assisted living facility has a genuine concern for seniors, helping you live the best life you truly deserve.


Our local advisors have in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of senior living in Venice to ensure reliable assisted living facility recommendations.


We have established a large network within our community to help solve any problem you may encounter.



Your Partner for Comfortable and Convenient Assisted Living facility in Venice

Senior Living Selections is committed to providing reliable senior care advice free of charge. Our local senior care advisors are always ready and happy to assist you with your senior living needs in Venice. Request a free consultation today, and we will help you find the most suitable assisted living facility.